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We Make Custom Sports Items!

We are manufacturers, importers and distributors of quality, affordable, unique gifts and accessories for the wholesale and mass markets. We excel at developing and customizing, packaging and branding, and bringing to market a variety of products that are found in Mom & Pop stores to the nation's largest retailers. Our diverse product range includes items in many categories including sporting goods, gift, alternative, beauty, medical, accessories, ethnic and more.

We have been in business since 1992. Our long standing production partners are not found in the conventional production centers of the world thus giving us the ability to offer small to large production runs. We specialize in products that require intricate and detailed labor, "cut and sew" production, and the latest in the application of custom and full color graphics. When possible, we work with local small businesses and we follow Fair Trade principals.

Search our site for product ideas, inspect our custom production area, then contact us with your specific needs. Most likely we can produce what you want at a better price than you currently pay or ever imagined. We maintain inventory on a large number of items on our site.

Our goal is to become your number one source for highly profitable, popular and trendy gifts and accessories. Tell us how to reach that goal. Contact us today!

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