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Footbags Panelled

6, 8, 12, 32 and 152 Panel Footbags - Our multi-paneled, professional grade footbags are the highest quality. They are very loosely filled with sand for maximum playability for performing footbag tricks. As found in the best sporting goods stores nationwide. Made of durable suede material that lasts for thousands of hours of kicking. Assorted color combinations. Most of these footbags can be customized with your custom silk screened logo. See the Custom tab for additional footbag models also suitable for customization. Made in Pakistan or Guatemala. Call 1-206-282-2215 to place an order.

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Jester Footbags


Jester Corduroy Footbags


Hero Hacks

Hero Hack   Hero Hack

Hero Hacks (Soccer Style)

Hero Soccer Style   Hero Soccer Style

Futbolito Footbags


152 Panel "Super Hero" Premium Footbag

World Cup Flags 32 Panel Footbag

Evolution Footbags

Crazy 8 Footbag Crazy 8 Footbag Crazy 8 Footbag

Plaid Footbags

Crazy 8 Footbag   Crazy 8 Footbag

Paisley Footbags

SleazeBag   SleazeBag

Sleaze Bags

SleazeBag   SleazeBag

Tela Footbag

Tela Footbag   Tela Footbag

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