Large Gifts & Accessories

Adventure Imports specializes in small gifts and accessories, but here are a few larger items that will complement any store's shelves. All items are picked for quality, originality and uniqueness. All costs exclude shipping. Wholesale only.


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AC-150 Large Cotton 2-Person Hammock:  This is a super deal on a 2 person, cotton hammock. Made with thick, multi-stranded cotton by our weavers from Guatemala, this hammock will last for years if properly taken care of.   The hammock is 11 feet long and accommodates two small people cozily or one large person. Real relaxing! Sturdy rings on the end for hanging on your own hooks, or better yet, strap between trees using sturdy webbing.

Colors: Assorted colors, usually striped white with another color as shown

Suggested Retail: $40 - $65

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BG-020 Fashion Shoulder Bag:  This shoulder bag is a beautiful hand sewn masterpiece by our best weavers. Made with over 100 pieces of fabric, including many hand sewn Huipile fabrics -- the heavy blouses worn by traditional Highland Mayan Indians -- this purse also touts a finely woven strap and a fine closure that uses a decorative wooden ball. About 12 inches long and 9 inches in diameter. The perfect size for all kinds of carrying purposes.

Colors: A patchwork of rich purples and other assorted dark colors

Suggested Retail: $28 - $42

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BG-200 Aguacatan Purse:  This large crocheted cotton purse is approximately 16" high with a 12" diameter. A heavy duty purse or can be used as a beach bag. Handmade in the Highland Guatemalan town of Aguacatan in Quiche providence.

Colors: Assorted

Designs: Large Stripe; Woman Design; Cat Design; Zig Zag Design

Suggested Retail: $35 - $40

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AC-180 Crocheted Tam Hat:  This tam is a hippie classic. We have enhanced the product by using cotton twice as thick as most tam hats. They are far more durable, sturdy and less prone to stretching which is why we make them big -- a full 11 inches in diameter. These are woven in the town of Nebaj, a village in the Highlands of Guatemala that was razed during the bloody civil war in the 1980's.

Colors: Multicolors, Rasta, Earth Tones

Suggested Retail: $14 - $18

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BG-365 Toto Handbag:  This is a colorful and handy purse, in 6" x 9" size that has  a durable woven strap. Made of hand-woven fabric straps from Totonicapan in Guatemala.  An incredible value!

Colors: Assorted bright, earth tone, tonal blues, rasta

Designs: See picture

Suggested Retail: $9 - $18