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Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Displays are a great way to sell your items immediately. You can order our products in a variety of different displays, or ask us for something that you have in mind. We manufacture many of our own displays and use other inexpensive sources for others.

Guate Footbag Fishbowl Display Special

Ideal for Grocery, Drug, C-Store & Other Mass Market Programs. Pre-Packaged with 36 Footbags per Fishbowl. Footbags come in Assorted Colors and Designs. Includes Point of Purchase Card with UPC Code. Suggested Retail $4.99 or $3.99 for each Footbag. 6 Displays per Case, 216 Total Units, 29 pounds per case

FB-1 Guate FootBag Display Basket

This standard basket can hold a variety of our products including our Guate FootBags. Two Sizes hold 25 footbags (10 inch diameter) or 50 footbags (12 inch diameter). Point of Purchase Card included.

TFB-1 Tela FootBag Display Box

This display box comes with every purchase of Tela FootBags. Custom designed, this colorful box touts the benefits of kicking for a cause, and "Kick Some Tela" the name of our signature footbag.

Colors: Various bright graphics

Suggested Retail: $5.95 per footbag

PDQ Merchandising Display

Holds eighteen blister-packed Guate Footbags. Hangs on a Power Wing.

Cardboard Tabletop Book Display

This cardboard display comes in blue or yellow and is included with book your accessory order. 9" height x 20.5" wide x 9" deep.

  • 18 Blank Books, 6 in each design (Guatemalan, Batik, Hemp)
  • 24 Index Size Skratch Pads, 12 each design (Guatemalan, Hemp)
  • 36 Address Books, 12 each design (Guatemalan, Batik, Hemp)

FREE DISPLAY with order (1A).

Acrylic Tabletop Book Display

This acrylic cardboard display can hold various product (only Blank Books shown). 8" height x 18" wide and 8" deep. Add extra book accessories to this order.

  • 36 Blank Books, 12 in each design (Guatemalan, Batik, Hemp)

See order forms for more details.

Skratch Pad Counter Display

This cardboard display is the standard for all Skratch Pads and hold 24 Skratch Pads. When ordering, this is how they arrive at your store. 18" deep x 3" or 2.5" wide depending on the size of Skratch Pads ordered. Pictured are our hemp Skratch Pads. Also comes in assorted Guatemalan fabrics.

  • 24 Skratch Pads in assorted colors (Guatemalan or Hemp)
  • Point of Purchase Artwork
  • Stickers showing concern for our workers on the side

FREE DISPLAY box with all orders!

Stackable Acrylic Carousel

This acrylic carousel can be stacked up to 3 units in either sizes. The larger size holds the Blank Books and the smaller size holds Skratch Pads and Address Books. Large dimensions are 10.75" H x 12"W x 12" D and the small unit is 6.25" x 7.75" W x 7.75" D. One spinning base unit is needed.

  • 84 Blank Books, 14 in each design (Guatemalan, Batik, Hemp)
  • 12 Little Size Skratch Pads, 12 each design (Guatemalan, Hemp)
  • 18 Address Books, 6 each design (Guatemalan, Batik, Hemp)

See order forms for more details.

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